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Changing exhibitions on show in the BIMHUIS café. From 20 September: Rietveld VAV x BIMHUIS.
The exhibitions can be visited for free every concert night from 6:30 pm.

From 20 September: Rietveld VAV x BIMHUIS

The BIMHUIS proudly presents an exhibition in collaboration with the Rietveld Academies VAV – Moving Image department. Seventeen students occupy the walls of the café with video art and graphic work. Expect a colorful collection of grandmotherly advice, talking cars, meditative forms and cartoon drawings of a dystopian future.
The exhibition is the first outcome of a longer collaboration between the Rietveld Academy and the BIMHUIS: two institutes that at first glance may not have much to do with each other, but which do share the same vision. After all, jazz is the music form that renews itself time and time again; an inspiration and at the same time recognizable goal for the students of the VAV-Moving Image department. For them (and many with them) the concept of the moving image is one of the most important forms of expression in contemporary art. The most unique works are created on the interface between image and sound, between analogue and digital, between fact and fantasy. The result is an exhibition in which, totally in line with jazz, boundaries are explored and perhaps even exceeded.

Now on view: Joachim Feigl – In Another Silent Way

Inspired by the famous song of Miles Davis, In a Silent Way, German photographer Joachim Feigl traveled around the world to capture empty jazz clubs. The series, entitled “In Another Silent Way”, shows that each stage has its own unique atmosphere, whether in Moscow, Zurich, New York, Beijing or Amsterdam.
The book of the series is for sale at the box office of the BIMHUIS.

The BIMHUIS developed an audio tour especially for this exhibition. Listen here: