Food & drinks

In our restaurant you can enjoy a delicious dinner overlooking the Amsterdam skyline. Our chef Massimo Norbiato welcomes you for an evening with all the trimmings. Of course you are also welcome for a good cup of coffee or a drink at the bar.

The BIMHUIS café & restaurant is open again!
Make a reservation and take a look at our menu.


‘I was here and I shouldn’t have left.’

In a world that is moving so fast and screaming so loud.
You have quiet places where it feels like time doesn’t exist.
The only sounds you hear at these place is the sounds of calmth, nostalgic sounds, playful and a bit mysterious sounds.
But perhaps that’s just the sounds in my head when I’m there. I think that’s why I love these places.
No noise, no screaming, just silence.

Françoise Bolechowski

The BIMHUIS café & restaurant can be rented for parties and events, see rental.