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BIMHUIS Productions creates room for the development of relatively unknown but excellent talent, for new ensembles and brilliant compositions, for willfulness, virtuosity and great performances. It supports talents with a vision, musicians who want to achieve something special. These plans can take many forms, from remarkable live productions at national venues and festivals to album releases and international tours.


With jazz musician Tijn Wybenga, founder of orchestra AM.OK, BIMHUIS Productions starts a collaboration spanning several years, with the aim of giving an impulse to the new generation of jazz musicians in The Netherlands.

Tijn Wybenga (1993) made the transition from jazz pianist and arranger to composer, conductor and artistic director. After graduating he shook off his good side and now he writes intense musical, touching notes, rich and ripe, highly personal and specific. His craftsmanship is indisputable, as he proved with his multidisciplinary performance Prikkel at Oerol 2018.
As a specialist at the intersection of modern classical, jazz and electronics, and AM.OK’s bandleader Tijn brings together 14 musician, who play a typical Amsterdam sound together.

‘I strive to create a new music collective’, says Tijn, ‘expose the enormous diversity in the young Dutch music world and to invest in its development.’

In February 2019 Tijn recorded together with 6 musicians of AM.OK, their first EP at the Wisseloord Studio’s in Hilversum.On April 29, 2019, Tijn and AM.OK performed for the very first time at the BIMHUIS stage.
Tijn is now busy composing, to release later on an album with AM.OK. The album will premiere on February 28, 2021. Untill that time you can listen to the EP AM.OK Live at the BIMHUIS, or buy this EP here.


How do you perform in a time when coming together is almost impossible? Four makers try to find an answer to that question in a new series from BIMHUIS Productions.

Music is about collectivity, writing for and with each other and about playing together. Music is also about the here and now: a live show is practically unbeatable. But that is all different now and no one knows for how long this will last.

Reason enough for BIMHUIS Productions to invite four makers to think about how to make a new connection with the world now. Are you going to deepen existing connections or are you laying completely new lines? These four musicians look for new solutions through new work. The answers will vary, surprise and astonish. Discover it for yourself during CLOSE DISTANCE.

November 20: Guy Salamon Group
December 18: Tony Roe
February 5 ‘21: Reinier Baas
June 26 ’21: David Kweksilber

Close Distance has been made possible with the support of Ammodo.

BIMHUIS composition assignment

The BIMHUIS composition assignment was first awarded in 2019 to alto saxophonist and composer Ben van Gelder. His new work Paradís premiered at the BIMHUIS on November 29.
The press on Paradís:
“If someone goes for the wonderboy title of the Dutch jazz scene, then Ben van Gelder. With his precise and elegant playing, Van Gelder (31) can count on the admiration of all generations of listeners and fellow musicians. “(****, de Volkskrant)
“A nine-part suite full of imagination and refined beauty” (****, NRC)

The lyrical playing of alto saxophonist Ben van Gelder (1988), who was trained in New York, is compared to that of his teacher – and legend – Lee Konitz. The thirty-something is also widely appreciated as a composer: in 2017, he already wrote a composition for the Jazz Gallery in New York. The piece, Among Verticals, was based on a painting by František Kupka. In addition to his own band, Van Gelder forms a trio with guitarist Reinier Baas (The More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble) and ICP drummer Han Bennink. His style of complements seamlessly with his playing: lyrical and melancholic, with thoughtful structures and harmonies, sometimes abstract, sometimes narrative. For BIMHUIS, therefore, plenty of reason to award Van Gelder the first composition assignment!

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