30 Apr 2019 - Workshop & Session - BIMHUIS Amsterdam


Workshop & Session

A workshop on the BIMHUIS stage at 8 PM (all instruments welcome), and at 10 PM a special International Jazz Day Session with international, young and acclaimed talent at the cafe.

The BIMHUIS workshop is freely accessible to both musicians and audience. All instruments, including vocals, are welcome. Advanced registration is not necessary. Musicians who’d like to follow the workshop are required to be present and ready to play at 8PM. It’s possible to come and listen first without taking part.

The subject is improvisation, or what happens when you perform without deciding beforehand what to play. About the level: participants will have to realize that this workshop takes place at an international venue, in the presence of an audience. To participate it helps to have a reasonable level of musicianship and the ability to not to stumble over one’s own limitations while performing in front of the audience.

Following the introduction of new participants the workshop will start with an exercise which picks up on the previous workshop. The subject of the exercise could remain a theme throughout the rest of the evening, but that’s not necessary. Everything will be played by ear and the emphasis is on ensemble playing.

The music will be created on the spot as a result of the players’ contributions. Most of the time there will be performances by small groups, with the remaining participants as listeners. Directly following a section, the workshop leader will provide criticism and suggestions, and sometimes a section will be repeated to try out the provided tips.

Every Tuesday night at 10PM in the cafe.
Free admission for musicians and visitors.
Led by Jasper Blom.
In collaboration with the Music Conservatory of Amsterdam.

This week there is a special session in the framework of International Jazz Day.

8PM WORKSHOP led by Arnold Dooyeweerd
10PM SESSION (in the cafe) led by Jasper Blom, in collaboration with Conservatorium of Amsterdam