Tijs Klaassen Quintet / Jort Terwijn Önder

Double concert with young bands from Amsterdam, both of them led by bass players.

The double bass, upright bass, or contrabass is so much more than just an accompanying instrument in jazz. In this concert, two bass playing band leaders will underline that statement. Both Jort Terwijn and Tijs Klaassen are the leaders of bands featuring young, promising musicians from Amsterdam.

For his band Önder, Jort Terwijn composes stories in music, for an exceptional combination of bass instruments, drums, and electronics. In this band, double bass meets two bass clarinets and bass guitar. Beats, drones and soundscapes add color to thrilling subjects: serial killers, Iceland, homesickness, disorientation, and ‘crushed drum’n’bass’.

For his new album Nostalgia, Tijs Klaassen composed eight pieces inspired by the loss of his youthful, carefree existence during the COVID-19 pandemic. His band combines arco bass melodies with the subtle use of synthesizer within the classic jazz quintet line-up. The color palette of the ensemble refers to the sounds of classical composers such as Messiaen, Ravel, Theo Loevendie and Alban Berg.

Tijs Klaassen Quintet
Mo van der Does alto sax/clarinet, Matthias Van den Brande tenor sax/flute, Floris Kappeyne piano/synthesizer, Tijs Klaassen double bass, Wouter Kühne drums

Jort Terwijn Önder
Jort Terwijn composition/double bass, Federico Calcagno bass clarinet, Hristo Goleminov bass clarinet, Alessandro Mazzieri bass guitar, Nick Thessalonikefs drums