BIM Productions PRESENTS

Tijn Wybenga & AM.OK (Amsterdams Modern Orkest)

First presentation of the 14-piece AM.OK (Amsterdams Modern Orkest) led by Tijn Wybenga, maker at BIM Productions.

Tijn Wybenga (1993) made the transition from jazz pianist and arranger to composer, conductor and artistic director. After graduating he shook off his good side and now he writes intense musical, touching notes, rich and ripe, highly personal and specific. His craftsmanship is indisputable, as he proved with his multidisciplinary performance Prikkel at Oerol 2018.
As a specialist at the intersection of modern classical, jazz and electronics, and AM.OK’s bandleader Tijn brings together 14 musician, who play a typical Amsterdam sound together. They are working on their first album which will be released in the spring of 2020.
BIM Productions creates space for the development of relatively unknown but excellent talent. With jazz musician Tijn Wybenga, founder of orchestra AM.OK, a multi-year collaboration starts, giving an impetus to the new generation of jazz musicians in the Netherlands.

About Prikkel:

“In whatever room of ‘The bubble’ you are, everywhere that music sounds equally crystal clear. The combination of acoustic sounds, sometimes produced by a gently sliding violin, then again throughout the quartet, mixes wonderfully beautiful with the sound of the synthesizer. But an extra dimension gets the whole through the ingenious interventions that are made through live electronics. Clarinet, violin, cello and saxophone thus get a transformation that makes them sound even richer, offering even more possibilities for intense expression. ”

– Theaterkrant

Tijn Wybenga conductor, Alistair Payne trumpet, Kika Sprangers sax, Odei Al Magut trombon, Federico Calcagno bassclarinet, Andre Lima violin, Pablo Rodriguez violin, George Dumitriu altviolin, Pau Sola cello, Angelo Boltini live electronics, Felix Back synthesizers, Vuma Levin guitar, Allesandro Fongaro contrabass / bassguitar, Alex Brajcovic drums, Ruven Ruppik percussion