28 Mar 2020 - The 88th day: Sylvie Courvoisier Trio - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

The 88th day: Sylvie Courvoisier Trio

Solid-as-a-rock trio led by New York pianist, balancing between jazz, avant-garde and classical music. ‘Sylvie combines a brilliant technique with a wild imagination’ (John Zorn).

Sylvie Courvoisier is known for her energetic piano playing in which she bridges the gap between her classical background and the adventurous improv scene of New York, where she lives. She played in a wide variety of bands with imaginative musicians such as Mark Feldman, Ikue Mori and Tim Berne. She first tackled the piano trio when John Zorn invited her to compose for this typical jazz lineup. Now she has already released two albums with the trio, which both appeared on many critics’ end-of-year lists.

‘Rich and exciting, a wonderfully fertile version of what a more orthodox piano trio might be’ (Point of Departure).

‘Sylvie combines a brilliant technique with a wild imagination that straddles classical, jazz, improvisation and more’ (John Zorn).

‘A virtuoso player with an impressive range of improvising associations (Penguin Guide to Jazz).

the 88th day



Sylvie Courvoisier piano, Drew Gress bass, Kenny Wollessen drums