Latin Jazz

Roda de Samba ft. Lilian Vieira, Breno Alves & Marcelo Café

One great Brazilian celebration with marvellous singers including Lilian Vieira (Zuco 103).

The Roda de Samba has become a tradition on our stage, a musical gathering where everyone is invited to join in the singing, dancing and playing. The host is guitarist Nelson Latif, who invites musicians from different parts of Brazil.

Trio Baru (20:30-21:25)
Opening act is the acoustic Trio Baru, featuring Nelson Latif on cavaquinho, the four-stringed instrument that is so characteristic of Brazilian music.

Roda de Samba (21:35 – 22:50)
Three phenomenal vocalists come to the fore in this musical celebration, where you can expect anything samba-related. Lilian Vieira celebrated international success with the Brazilectro band Zuco 103. The versatile singer regularly performs in smaller, acoustic settings as well. As a highly demanded soloist, she has collaborated with renowned ensembles such as the Metropole Orchestra. Born in Rio de Janeiro, singer Marcelo Café is one of the outstanding voices of samba in the city he now calls home: Brasília. Breno Alves represents the new samba generation, and at the same time he’s recognized as an authentic representative of the genre.

Choro Xadrez (22:50-00:30)
The style called choro is the predecessor to many Brazilian music forms. The intimate sounds of Choro Xadrez originate from the island of Florianópolis on the Brazilian coast. Here a circle of musicians formed that comes together every week in various formations. Co-founder and guitarist Álvaro Fausane will now bring a delegation to our stage.

Trio Baru
Nelson Latif cavaquinho, Felix Junior guitar, Sandro Alves percussion

Roda de Samba
Lilian Vieira, Breno Alves, Marcelo Café vocals, Lucas Santana tenor sax/flute, Rafael Lima bariton/alto sax, Nelson Latif cavaquinho, Felix Junior guitar, Jura Gomes bass, Alaor Soares, Sandro Alves percussion

Choro Xadrez
Marcelo Godoy vocals, Pedro da Costa flute, Moreno Francesco soprano sax/flute, Derik Bellardi pandeiro, Pierre Jucá cavaquinho, Álvaro Fausane guitar/mandoline