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Kim Myhr – You | me

Wide, shimmering compositions by a seven-piece ensemble featuring members of, among others, The Necks and Atomic. ‘Truly an ocean of sound’ (Mojo).

Norwegian guitarist Kim Myhr developed his own style of improvising on 12-string acoustic guitar. For his album You | me, he created long, layered soundscapes with acoustic and electric guitars, percussion and electronics. The result is music to get lost in and which has evoked comparisons with Steve Reich’s minimalism, post rock and Indian ragas. The album received excellent reviews in the international media.

For the concert version of the record, Myhr will bring a group with no less than three other guitar players and three respected percussionists: Tony Buck (The Necks), Ingar Zach (Dans les arbres) and Hans Hulbækmo (Atomic). Myhr frequently collaborates with noted performers from the international improvised and contemporary music scenes; recent projects featured, among others, Jenny Hval, Lasse Marhaug and the Quatuor Bozzoni.

‘Kim Myhr is a master of slow-morphing rhythms and sun-dappled textures that seem to glow from the inside. His electronics are mellow and inviting; his 12-string acoustic guitar has a loose, blissed-out twang’ (The Guardian).

Kim Myhr, David Stackenäs, Håvard Volden electric/acoustic guitar, Adrian Myhr guitar/bass, Hans Hulbækmo, Tony Buck drums/percussion, Ingar Zach percussion