Ikarai & Sanne Rambags – Murakami

Magical journey through the universe of Japanese star author, in music, vocals and visuals.

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The ensemble Ikarai sifts through the mind of Haruki Murakami. By means of vocals, music and film, the legendary novel roman Kafka on the Shore takes on a new form. Fish falling like rain, talking cats, thoughts that are materialized in three dimensions: Murakami’s universe set in a concert, together with vocalist Sanne Rambags and visual artist V&J.

Ikarai fuses various worlds: concert with cinema and classical composition with jazz improvisation, providing a fresh approach to storytelling. For example, Ikarai transformed the stage into a boxing ring for MUHAMMAD, about Muhammad Ali, their first performance at the BIMHUIS. Now they will collaborate with Sanne Rambags, who won an Edison (Dutch Grammy) with the band Mudita.

V&J (Bas ten Berge) visuals, Sanne Rambags vocals, Tessel Hersbach violin, Yanna Pelser viola, Bence Huszar cello, Camiel Jansen double bass, Julian Schneemann piano, Jeroen Batterink drums


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Fri 25 September 2020
Ikarai & Sanne Rambags – Murakami