28 Jan 2022 - N∆BOU & ESINAM - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

BIMHUIS X de Brakke Grond


Young Flemish bands with super talented front women.

The BIMHUIS and Flemish cultural center De Brakke Grond present rising jazz talents from Flanders in this new concert series. The first double concert opens with ESINAM, the band formed by Brussels-based multi-instrumentalist Esinam Dogbatse. ESINAM balances between acoustic and electronic, with pulsating beats, energetic flute playing and seductive melodies.

NΔBOU was formed by trombonist Nabou Claerhout in order to shape her kaleidoscopic musical universe. On the one hand it sounds lush and atmospheric, and on the other it is driven by strong beats and grooves. In her band, Nabou surrounds herself with her favorite musicians: Roeland Celis on electric guitar, Trui Amerlinck on double bass and Mathias Vercammen on drums.

De Brakke Grond
De Brakke Grond is the expert on innovation by Flemish artforms. As a venue and networking organisation De Brakke Grond organises and realises programs, collaborations and concerts in their own hall in Amsterdam and various locations in The Netherlands. Flemish artists who go beyond boundaries, are being supported by De Brakke Grond to make name for themselves in The Netherlands.

BIMHUIS X De Brakke Grond



BIMHUIS & Corona



Esinam Dogbatse flute/loops,/samples/vocals, Pablo Casella guitar, Axel Gilain electric bass/Moog, Martin Méreau drums.

Nabou Claerhout trombone, Trui Amerlinck double bass, Roeland Celis guitar, Mathias Vercammen drums.


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Fri 28 January 2022