21 Oct 2020 - Early Show: Mohammad Reza Mortazavi - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

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Early Show: Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

Trance-inducing technofolk from Iran

Can traditional Persian percussion sound like experimental electronic music? Yes, it can with the hypnotic, trance inducing Iranian Berlin based musician Mohammad Reza Mortazavi. Recognised worldwide as one of the best players of the tombak and the daf, he has worked with acclaimed producers like Burnt Friedman, Fis and Mark Fell.

With instruments that consist of little more than a big round drum skin (the daf) and a small drum (the tombak), Mortazavi creates complex, polyrhythmic sound worlds in which the listener can get lost in forever. He often uses the time signature of 11/8, which is central in folk music of Iran, Turkey and the Balkans. He left a mind blowing impression with his concert at the Minimal Music Festival 2019 and now he’s back for Amsterdam Dance Event!

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Mohammad Reza Mortazavi daf/tombak