BIMHUIS Amsterdam17 Feb 2018 - David Kweksilber Big Band - BIMHUIS Amsterdam
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David Kweksilber Big Band

Together with the audience the David Kweksilber Big Band will jump headfirst into an interactive audiovisual adventure by composer Peter van Bergen, supported by LOOS Foundation. Premiere!

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FEB 2018 Ben van Gelder

The new composition by Peter van Bergen (Studio LOOS) has a fascinating setup: while holding an app in hand, accompanied by an animation film, the big band, the audience and interactive improvising software will be part of an adventure.

Alongside this premiere, the David Kweksilber Big Band will perform more new music by leading composers, as well as groundbreaking traditional big band compositions. The 26-piece band is renowned for its exceptional lineup featuring singular musicians from the worlds of both improvised and modern classical music.

‘Thanks to its regular gigs at the BIMHUIS, the group has coalesced into a single sizzling organic unit with a vast repertoire, and boasts a key strength in its enormous wealth of timbre. The welcoming and open-minded attitude of its members has made for an incredibly elastic ensemble. And they play with such visible enjoyment that this has become an attraction in itself’ (de Volkskrant).

With DJ/VJ Peter Kok.

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