28 Oct 2017 - COLIN STETSON EX EYE - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

The Rest is Noise @ Bimhuis


Ex Eye is the new band of saxophone virtuoso Colin Stetson. With metal as a foundation, the Canadian player will once again test his audience to the limit.

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OCT 2017 Tatiana Koleva

What happens when you combine the skills of New York top musicians Colin Stetson (saxophone), Greg Fox (drums), Toby Summerfield (guitar) and Shahzad Ismaily (bass and synths)? A mentally and physically overwhelming music experience. Stetson is a familiar name to BIMHUIS and Muziekgebouw visitors. Ex Eye proves that his quest for musical crossovers has not ended yet. Stetson is a singular voice on bass saxophone, because of his inventive us of extended techniques such as circular breathing and multiphonics. In his breathtaking solo playing he uses the sax both as a melody and a percussion instrument, hammering the valves. Metal, noise, jazz and experimental music collide together in Ex Eye. The lightning fast tempos by percussionist Fox and the monster riffs by Summerfield and Ismaily perfectly fit Stetson’s adventurous spirit.


Under the label The Rest is Noise, het Muziekgebouw in collaboration with BIMHUIS programms concerts of international performers who perform in pop, electronics and music without a label. From advanced electronic music to pioneering live legends. In The Rest is Noise, music from innovative musicians of today and the past is programmed.

Listen to DJ Ron van de Kerkhof in action

Colin Stetson saxophones, Toby Summersfield guitar, Shahzad Ismaily bass/elektronics, Greg Fox drums
DJ Ron van de Kerkhof

Extra information

This concert is part of the THE REST IS NOISE series by MUZIEKGEBOUW AAN ‘T IJ.

The Rest is Noise is the label for new music from the Muziekgebouw, with concerts of international artists who are ahead of the curve in pop, electronics and genres that have not been labelled yet.


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