18 Dec 2021 - Brokkenfestival: Brokken XXL Band - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

Brokkenfestival: Brokken XXL Band

Final edition of the innovative festival curated by guitar phenomenon Corrie van Binsbergen.


We are looking to find a new date for this concert. As soon as we have an update, we will notify ticket holders through mail. 

The very last edition of the Brokken Festival will last a whole weekend! On Saturday night after 35 years the Brokken era will be ended in style with the Giga Grote Brokkenband, featuring musicians of Corrie en de Grote Brokken and Vanbinsbergen Playstation. Plus many illustrious guests from the Brokken history, such as Hermine Deurloo, Anton Goudsmit, Josse De Pauw, Toon Tellegen, Frédérique Spigt and Ellen Deckwitz.

Guitarist Corrie van Binsbergen curates and hosts this annual festival for open-minded audiences. A festival that opens ears and broadens horizons. It stands out for its great variety of styles, genres and age groups. Jazz, pop and classical encounter one another. Young talents and remarkable outsiders share the stage with established musicians, alternating hyper-energy with stillness and beauty. ‘An explorative feast’, says Van Binsbergen.

‘The Brokken Festival lets you look beyond your own preferences’ (het Parool).

BROKKEN XXL BAND:                                                                                                               

Angelo Verploegen trumpet, flugelhorn, Morris Kliphuis horn, cornet, Joost Buis trombone, Miguel Boelens alto sax, soprano sax, Rutger van Otterloo baritone sax, soprano sax, Jasper Blom tenor sax, clarinet, Mete Erker tenor sax, bass clarinet, Jan Willem van der Ham bassoon, Tineke de Jong violin, Baptist Kurvers viola, Saartje Van Camp cello

Albert van Veenendaal/Nora Mulder piano Dion Nijland/Hein Offermans bass Yonga Sun drums Alan Purves percussion

Corrie van Binsbergen guitar, productions and presentation.

FEATURES: Hermine Deurloo harmonica, Miriam Overlach harp, Hans Hasebos vibraphone, Wouter Planteijdt guitar & vocals, Anton Goudsmit guitar, Dionys Breukers keys.

Guest appearances by: Josse De Pauw, Ellen Deckwitz, Toon Tellegen speech, Frédérique SpigtBeatrice van der Poel, Vera van der Poel vocals.

ENTR’ACTE: Hans Dagelet actor & Esther Apituley viola.         


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