BIMHUIS & Space is the place present

An Interplanetary Night: DJ MARCELLE | Bioluminus | THE PAPER ENSEMBLE | Dodó Kis | ZEA | Chris Corstens Quintet | Ruidoscuro

A whirlwind of groundbreaking performances.

Under the guise of An Interplanetary Night, Space is the Place organizes spectacular evenings, pushing boundaries and crossing borders. With its roots in jazz and improvised music, the program will explore a variety of genres. This edition features no less than seven acts.


Bioluminus is a combustion machine of musical ideas and interaction. This could be called energy music, but deep listening music would also be an apt description. With her voluminous tone and great control over extended techniques, tenor saxophonist Ada Rave will interact with the rhythmic intensity of bassist Aaron Lumley and drummer Onno Govaert.

Ada Rave sax, Aaron Lumley bass, Onno Govaert drums


Frank Rosaly was formed as a drummer and improviser in Chicago, where over the course of fifteen years he collaborated with influential musicians such as Roscoe Mitchell, Jeff Parker and Dave Rempis. He moved to Amsterdam, where he has become a driving force of the improv scene. Ruidoscuro is a profound research into his native Puerto Rican and Central and South American roots.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti voice/synths/electronics, Andy Moor guitar, Marta Warelis piano/synths, Frank Rosaly drums/electronics


Dodó Kis is a versatile player on recorder and EWI, classically trained, and originally from Hungary. She is the organizer of the Nebular Sessions, the multi-disciplinary, multi-genre-evenings at De Ruimte. Tonight she will present her new solo set in which she reveals herself completely.

Dodó Kis recorders/EWI


A performance by The Paper Ensemble of Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti and Jochem van Tol, using an abundance of handcrafted paper, modular synths, bells and voices. Expect a sonic fabric woven from the smallest and softest sounds we can hear, translucent melodies, baseless oscillations and grounding voltages.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti voice/electronics, Jochem van Tol synths/electronics


Zea is Arnold de Boer (also The Ex): minimal, full-on, electric, acoustic, eclectic, strange-edge. Deploying guitar and sampler for intense and high energy songs. Urgent lyrics in English and in Frisian (his first language). Intimate, heartfelt and poetic at times; as well as driven on roughshod beats and grimy bass lines. Joyfully obstinate, wonderfully bonkers.

Arnold de Boer voice/guitar


CCQ plays Authentic Adventurous Amsterdam Jazz. The leader of the band is saxophonist Chris Corstens, whose compositions are built on strong, expressive melodies. Successful titles include Treiffel, Junglebumps, and Drie Vliertjes. Three of the five band members have met each other in the legendary noise class given by Misha Mengelberg.

Chris Corstens tenor/soprano sax, Mark Nieuwenhuis trumpet, Oscar Jan Hoogland piano, Harald Austbø cello, Onno Govaert drums


DJ Marcelle stands for surprise, adventure and entertainment. She is just as good a musician as a DJ and knows how to bring many evenings to a climax with her eclectic music.

Space is the Place