All us Dada

Premiere of engaged recitation in an overwhelming musical theater performance.

ALL US DADA is a journey through the deeper grounds of our system, written and recited by Gerindo Kartadinata, merged with the immersive music of Gerri Jäger. A compelling monologue as a means to avoid slipping into madness. Our everyday reality is full of contradictions that tear us apart and alienate us from nature. Exploitation, abuse and deception are everyday occurrences. ALL US DADA gives voice to criticism of the economic system and the need to face and overcome abuses.

Gerindo Kartadinata’s voicing is musically complemented by drummer Gerri Jäger, who has built his own electro-acoustic drum kit over the past 10 years. Drum sounds are processed live and paired with synthesizers and sequencers, creating a wide palette of sounds, with multiple layers and atmospheres. Jäger previously played a solo set at the progressive REWIRE festival in The Hague and during ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event). Together with Kartadinata, who has previously partnered with theater artists such as Bambie, Bot and Silbersee, they worked for two years on this new performance, which premieres tonight at our venue.

The performance will be English-spoken.

Gerindo Kartadinata concept/text, Gerri Jäger drums/electronics/compositions, Manuel Boutreur stage design/light


Genevieve Murphy - DJ