BIMHUIS X De Brakke Grond - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

BIMHUIS X De Brakke Grond

There’s a lot of young (jazz) talent in The Netherlands. What’s maybe lesser known, is that our Flemish neighbours, also have an amazing young, talented en brave new wave of jazzmusicians who are ready to perform in The Netherlands. In the new serie BIMHUIS X De Brakke Grond, we work together with our colleagues from Flemish cultural stage De Brakke Grond to present you a serie of talented young Flemish bands. On November 11, De Brakke Grond hosted a concert by jazzdrummer Simon Plancke, with his project De Koffie van Morgen – Le Ravage d’Ali Baba. On January 28, we will host the two young flemish bands NΔBOU & Esinam with super talented front women. On May 6, we close the serie (for this year) with the duo SCHNTZL and de band De Beren Gieren.

De Brakke Grond
De Brakke Grond is the expert on innovation by Flemish artforms. As a venue and networking organisation De Brakke Grond organises and realises programs, collaborations and concerts in their own hall in Amsterdam and various locations in The Netherlands. Flemish artists who go beyond boundaries, are being supported by De Brakke Grond to make name for themselves in The Netherlands.