bimhuis and corona

From July 4, the BIMHUIS will open again with the intimate concert series Your Saturday Getaway. Read here how we guarantee everyone’s safety.

When you visit the BIMHUIS, we ask you to keep the following instructions in mind:

  • If you have a cold or corona-related symptoms, please stay home.
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance from others.
  • If you don’t come alone, only come with people from your own household.
  • Stick to the timeslot assigned to you – so you don’t have to wait unnecessarily long and we can guarantee everyone’s safety as much as possible.
  • Walking routes and directions are indicated within the BIMHUIS. In order to keep sufficient distance, we ask you to follow these.
  • Do you have a jacket with you? You have to take this with you in the concert hall and keep it with you.
  • Due to the limited space in the concert hall and the entrance of the BIMHUIS, it is not allowed to take bags larger than an A4 inside.
  • In the BIMHUIS you can only pay with PIN.
  • Be patient with each other. Only then, a visit to the BIMHUIS will feel familiar.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if a concert is cancelled.

Ticket buyers will be notified by email. Didn’t receive an email? Send a message to, we are happy to help you.

What are my options when a concert is cancelled?

Every ticket buyer has received a message from us with different options if a concert has been canceled. Didn’t receive an email?
Send an email to, we are happy to help you.

How many spots are there in the series Your Saturday Getaway?

There’s a maximum of 73 seats. This can differ per show.

Can I visit two shows in one night?

Yes you can, but you do have to buy two tickets and you will have to enter the building again. Unfortunately it is not possible to stay in the BIMHUIS between two concerts.

What about those timeslots?

The timeslots are there so that everyone can feel safe and that sufficient distance can easily be kept. So arrive at your designated time, so we can keep it a pleasant experience for everyone.

What if I don't arrive on time?

Well, it can happen. Unfortunately, if the concert has already started, you can no longer enter. Otherwise, we ask you to wait until everyone is inside and you can sit at the back. But it is better to just arrive on time.

Can I just drop by?

Unfortunately, we have to adhere to a security protocol. That means that spontaneous visits are not possible.

Can I enter with my press, relationship or bimhuis card?

Unfortunately that is not possible. Because the concert series Your Saturday Getaway is so exclusive, there are no discounts or free tickets. You can of course just buy a ticket!

What about the air in the BIMHUIS?

Our air exchange system uses 100% outside air (there’s no circulation). In the one and a half meter setup with a maximum of 61 seats, more than three times the air capacity that would be needed for this number is used: it is blown in and extracted for a maximum of 200 people.