BIMHUIS Amsterdam31 mrt 2018 - Eddie and the Eagles - BIMHUIS Amsterdam
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Doek, Eddie the Eagle Museum & De Warme Winkel Present

Eddie and the Eagles


Performances tot diep in de nacht door jonge wilden uit de impro-scene naast de gevaarlijkste theatergroep van nu (De Warme Winkel) en Eddie the Eagle Museum.

Enfants terribles uit het Amsterdamse kunst- theater- en muziekuniversum zetten het BIMHUIS tot de kleine uurtjes volledig op z’n kop. De ongrijpbare kunstentiteit Eddie the Eagle Museum, de anti-autoritaire theatergroep De Warme Winkel en de jongste afstammelingen van impro-collectief Doek laten alle disciplines door elkaar heen lopen in een programma dat start in de ondergrondse parkeergarage en via de lift, gokautomaten en Mozart en eindigt op het toneel. ‘And the main act tonight? YOU!’


Eddie and the Eagles is back for our biggest edition so far. You’ve been at OT301 and De Ruimte. It’s time to hit the elite stage and turn it inside out. Backwards. Bottom up. The Bimhuis is ours till 5 o’clock in the morning.



PRACTICAL MUSIC! enter our ship through the engine room.
Oscar Jan Hoogland machines/ sirens/ recordplayers/ gokautomaat/ analogue synth/ electric clavichord/ real to real/ megaphones, Jasper Stadhouders, guitar, Christian Lillinger drums

GO UP -> proceed stay focused tune in and get out.


GO UP -> proceed stay focused tune in and get out. [EXPLICIT ELEVATOR MUSIC]

Theatergroep De Warme Winkel speelt AMADEUS: The “SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL” edition.

GO UP -> gather in ecstasy forget the difference between drinking and dancing

Carmen Schabracq & the Poesie bim Bar feat. Eva Mooiman

CUUUUUMBIA! You all know and fear these impossible people from The 2nd Stop is Jupiter! SEXY DANGEROUS INTERGALACTIC CUUUUUMBIA!

Super Inka a.k.a. Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti ragutti vocals, Oscar Jan Hoogland synth, Genevieve Clare Georgina Florence Murphy bag pipes, John Dikeman sax, Vincent ‘Supercity’ Pino guitar, Miguel Petruccelli bass, Fabio Galeazzi percussion, Onno Govaert drums

DJ Krille Pfranz spinning brutal Hip Hop

The 2nd Stop is Jupiter Jazz 4tet
John Dikeman sax, Oscar Jan Hoogland piano, Uldis Vītols bass, Onno Govaert drums

Buttons with Sieto Noordhoorn

Bimhuis Radio will be pirated all night long by Ward Weemhof and Harald Austbo

Keiko Shichijo will bring us Mozart on wheels.

Jef Andrea will explode

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